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Magenta HP 11 cartrige reset chipReset chip for cyan toner Minolta Bizhub C25

Cyan HP 85 cartrige reset chip
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Cyan HP 85 cartrige reset chip

Price per Unit (piece): €6.00 (including 21 % tax)

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  • It is reset chips for Ink cartridge.
    Condition: New
  • 100% compatible product, non an original product.
  • These chips are programmed for the high yield load aprox. 3500 prints @ 5%.
  • Chips can be resseted very many times with a Resseter, which you can purchace additionaly.
  • In case you need help replacing chips, read manual in page meniu.

Reset chips compatible with:


  • Designjet 30
  • Designjet 30n
  • Designjet 30gp
  • Designjet 90
  • Designjet 90gp
  • Designjet 90r
  • Designjet 130
  • Designjet 130gp
  • Designjet 130nr

Ink cartridges:

  • Cyan C9425A

What does smart chip do?
Smart chip is a small chip that some printer manufacturers put into their inkjet or toner cartridges.
It lets printer cartridge and printer communicate and informs the user before the cartridge runs out of toner.
Smart chip makes it difficult or impossible to refill the printer cartridges.
Even when the cartridge is refilled, the smart chip would tell the printer that it is still empty and refuse to print.
Smart chip also disables printer cartridge on expiration date even if the cartridge is still full.
Buy the smart chip and get more pages from a toner cartridge or refill it.


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