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Minolta Bizhub C353 KCMYCISS Epson Stylus Photo R265/R285

CISS Epson Stylus Photo R270/R290
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CISS Epson Stylus Photo R270/R290

Price per Unit (piece): €44.00 (including 21 % tax)

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The printing revolution starts here with new amazing Continuous Ink Systems. The large external ink reservoirs continually feed the cartridges with ink through silicon feed tubes.

CISS are a money saving alternative for customers who do a large amount of printing. The printer cartridges remain in place permanently in your printer and all you have to do is simply refill the CISS external ink reservoirs.

Our Continuous Ink Supply Systems save up to 90% printing cost for inkjet printers (Epson, Canon, HP, Brother printers). These systems use no-sponge printer cartridges with auto reset chips; the CISS ink tanks can feed the cartridges with ink continually, so you do not need to purchase expensive cartridges any more. And you can use dye ink, pigment ink or sublimation ink.

All our Continuous Ink Systems are of the highest quality, with the highest quality chips on the market today. The main advantages of continuous ink supply systems are that the cartridge is always full, delivering even colour every time that remains consistent regardless of the size of the print run. Large runs of photographs or other jobs can be spooled without worry of running out of ink. The external bottles are clear, making it a snap to refill any colors that may be running low with our refill inks, while bottles hold significantly more ink than cartridges, minimizing maintenance.

CISS is compatible with:

  • Stylus Photo 1410
  • Stylus Photo R270
  • Stylus Photo R290
  • Stylus Photo R295
  • Stylus Photo R390
  • Stylus Photo RX590
  • Stylus Photo RX610
  • Stylus Photo RX690
  • Stylus Photo T50
  • Stylus Photo TX650
  • Stylus Photo TX700
  • Stylus Photo TX710
  • Stylus Photo TX800
  • Stylus Photo TX810


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