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Chip Resetter for Epson 7 pin cartridges
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Chip Resetter for Epson 7 pin cartridges

Price per Unit (piece): €4.50 (including 21 % tax)

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  • Reset to gain extra prints or reset to refill.
  • Just place over the chip and wait for the green light!
  • Comes with battery installed and is ready to use.
  • Battery is replaceable.
  • An alignment tool included.
  • Before ship, every resetter wecheck on cartrige.
  • This chip resetter is designed for Epson cartridges but will also reset most compatibles and our resettable cartridges.

The ink level of EPSON intelligent cartridge is recorded in the chip IC, which accurately records and controls the ink level.
It cannot be reused even though the empty ink cartridge is refilled, and it results in high expense.
Chip resetter reset the chip on the cartridge into a full mode. In this way, empty cartridge can be reused after the ink is refilled, save money 90%.
The resetter is versatility; it can automatically identify the type of ink cartridge, and then reset the chip on the cartridge into a full mode.

Chip Resetter compatible with printers:
  • Epson Stylus Color680 /777 /777i /825
  • Epson Stylus Color 870
  • Epson Stylus Photo 780 /785EPX /790 /810 /820 /825 /830 /830U
  • Epson Stylus Photo 870 /870LE /875 /875DC /875DCS /890 /895
  • Epson Stylus Photo 900 /915 /925 /935 /950 /960 /1270 /1275 /1280
  • Epson Stylus Photo 1290 /1295 /2000 /2000P /2100 /2200 /R200
  • Epson Stylus Photo R210 /R300 /R300M /R310 /R340 /R360 /R510
  • Epson Stylus Photo R610 /R630 /R800 /R1800 /R2400 /RX420 /RX425
  • Epson Stylus Photo RX430 /RX500 /RX510 /RX600 /RX610 /RX620 /RX630
  • Epson StylusC41 /C41SX /C41UX /C42 /C42+ /C42 Plus/ C42S/ C42SX
  • Epson Stylus C42UX / C43 /C43SX /C43UX /C44 /C44+ / C44S/ C44SX
  • Epson Stylus C44UX /C44 Plus /C45 /C45SX /C45UX /C48 /C50 /C60 /C61
  • Epson Stylus C62 /C63 /C64 /C66 /C67 /C70 /C70+ /C70 Plus /C80 /C80N
  • Epson Stylus C80WN /C82 /C82N /C82WN /C83 /C84 /C84N /C84WN
  • Epson Stylus C84 /Photo Edition /C86 /C87 /C87PE /C88 /CX3200 /CX3600
  • Epson Stylus CX3650 /CX3700 /CX3800 /CX3810 /CX3810C /CX4100
  • Epson Stylus 4200 /CX4600 /CX4700 /CX4800 /CX5200 /CX5400 / CX5800
  • Epson Stylus CX5800F /CX6300 /CX6400 /CX6600 /CX7800
  • Epson Stylus D68 /D88 /DX3800 /DX3850 /DX4200 /DX4800 /DX4850

Or with ink cartridges:

  • T007 /T008 /T009 /T015 /T016 /T017 /T018 /T026 /T027 /T028 / T029
  • T0321 /T0322 /T0323 /T0324 /T042 /T0422 /T0423 /T0424
  • T0331 /T0332 /T0333 /T0334 /T0335 /T0336
  • T0341 /T0342 / T0343 /T0344 /T0345 /T0346 /T0347 / T0348
  • T036 /T037 /T038 /T039 /T040 /T041
  • T0431 /T0441 /T0442 /T0443 /T0444
  • T0451 /T0452 /T0453 /T0454 /T0461 /T0472 /T0473 / T0474
  • T0481 /T0482 /T0483 /T0484 /T0485 /T0486
  • T0491 /T0492 /T0493 /T0494 /T0495 /T0496
  • T0540 /T0541 /T0542 /T0543 /T0544 /T0547 /T0548 / T0549
  • T0551 /T0552 /T0553 /T0554 /T0561 /T0562 /T0563 / T0564
  • T0591 /T0592 /T0593 /T0594 /T0595 /T0596 /T0597 / T0598 / T0599
  • T0601 /T0602 /T0603 /T0604 /T0611 /T0612 /T0613 / T0614
  • T0621 /T0631 /T0632 /T0633 /T0634
  • T057 /T058 / T066 /T067 /T559
  • T5591 /T5592 /T5593 /T5594 /T5595 /T5596
  • T007201 /T008201 /T009201 /T015201 /T016201 /T017201 / T018201
  • T026201 /T027201 /T028201 /T029201 /T032120 /T032220 / T032320
  • T032420 /T033120 /T033220 /T033320 /T033420 /T033520 / T033620
  • T034120 /T034220 /T034320 /T034420 /T034520 /T034620 / T034720
  • T034820 /T036120 /T037020 /T038120 /T038125 /T039020 / T039025
  • T039125 /T040120 /T041020 /T042220 /T042320 /T042420 / T043120
  • T044120 /T044220 /T044320 /T044420 /T045120 /T045220 / T045320
  • T045420 /T046120 /T047220 /T047320 /T047420 /T048120 / T048220
  • T048320 /T048420 /T048520 /T048620 /T049150 /T049250 / T049350
  • T049450 /T049550 /T049650 /T054020 /T054120 /T054220 / T054320
  • T054420 /T054720 /T054820 /T054920 /T055140 /T055240 / T055340
  • T055440 /T056140 /T056240 /T056340 /T056440 /T059120 / T059220
  • T059320 /T059420 /T059520 /T059620 /T059720 /T059820 / T059920
  • T060120 /T060220 /T060320 /T060420 /T061140 /T061240 / T061340
  • T061440 /T062120 /T063120 /T063220 /T063320 /T063420
  • T559120 /T559220 /T559320 /T559420 /T559520 /T559620

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